RetroWAL Interior Curtainwall Retrofit System

Window Retrofits Help Protect Building Occupants During Extreme Weather

Heat waves during summer months are a common cause of power outages. The high power consumed by HVAC systems during extreme weather – especially in large commercial buildings – can put a significant strain on the system itself as well as local power providers. The USA Today reported t
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Pros and Cons of Solar Film

Solar window film is an adhesive film applied to the exterior of glass windows in an attempt to upgrade a building’s energy performance by controlling the amount of solar energy from the sun from entering the building. While solar film has the benefits of being affordable and quick to
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How Shadows Affect Solar Heat Gain

Windows may seem like a minor part of a building, but they play a major role in temperature control and energy usage – approximately 12% of an average building’s energy is used through its windows, according to the Department of Energy.  This is mainly the result of solar heat gain, i
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