RetroWAL Interior Curtainwall Retrofit System

Cyber Security

As society continues to operate on a more wireless level through cell phones and Wi-Fi, securing your organization’s wireless network is more important than ever to safeguard information. It’s not just hackers gaining access to your server – devices like laser microphones allow voice data to be picked up through a basic window, leaving sensitive information open for audio espionage.

Thermolite’s patented RetroWAL™ cyber security technology signal defense security window system blocks wireless electromagnetic transmissions – it keeps signals inside the building and prevents outside signals from entering and spying on wireless communications from cell phones, Wi-Fi, and through the window glass from the outside.

  • Laminated glass with patented cyber security signal defense technology placed onto the interior of building to safeguard voice transmissions
  • Used to protect against the audio spying of classified information, such as customer account numbers and personal information, trade secrets, and government data
  • Complies with US DoD policy, infrared and radio frequency emanation Standard, intelligence Community Directive 705.2, Certified TempeST Technical authority (CTTa) specifications


Ideal for: government agencies, organizations that handle sensitive/classified data


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