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Sound Control Windows: a Safeguard Against Sonic Weapons

CBS recently reported that American and Canadian diplomats working in Cuba may have been the victims of an unusual kind of invisible warfare. According to the report, which has been addressed by the U.S. State Department, at least 16 workers mysteriously suffered a variety of symptoms
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Building Insulation: the Most Cost-Effective Way to Combat Greenhouse Gases

Most scientists, policy makers and business leaders agree that reducing GHGs is the single most effective measure to suppress the threat of climate change. But the challenge to protect the environment is far from over. The next step is determining the most viable methods to reduce GHG
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Improving Energy Efficiency through Air Infiltration: A Summary of USACE Air Tightness Requirements for Army Buildings

Improving air infiltration has often been a matter of “working around” air leakage with heating and air-conditioning system designs rather than fixing the source of the problem. Understandably so, as methods of building air tightness can be complicated or costly; however, avoidance is
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