RetroWAL Interior Curtainwall Retrofit System

Case Studies

SFO Airport Hotels – Sound Reduction, Improved Comfort 

SFO Airport Hotel Case Study


Banking Industry – Physical Security and Energy Efficiency 

Banking Building Case Study


Large City Building Modeling- Comparing TRACE 700 Results with eQuest

Visual Building Model TRACE 700 vs eQuest

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Large City Building Modeling- Upgrading Glass from Single to Multiple Pane Using an Interior Window Retrofit Visual Building Model DownloadButton

County City Building – Capital Deferment and Increased Comfort CountyCityCaseStudyDownloadButton   Patrick V. McNamara Federal Building – Capital Reduction McNamaraCaseStudyDownloadButton   Sidney R. Yates Federal Building – Energy Reduction and Historical Integrity YatesCaseStudyDownloadButton   625 North Michigan Avenue Tower – Energy Improvements After Retro-commissioning  625 N Michigan Case Study DownloadButtonRequest to view full test results