RetroWAL Interior Curtainwall Retrofit System


Installation costs for window renovations may contribute significantly to a project’s overall budget – even if a building has an in-house maintenance team or preferred local window company, they are not generally given the opportunity to install window systems because the materials and labor are required to go through a middleman.

Window Retrofit InstallationSave significantly on project costs and improve ROI with RetroWAL,™ a Do-It-Yourself commercial curtain wall retrofit system that does not require specialized installation expertise. We will provide the necessary resources, tools, and customer service to empower our customers to take the installation process into their own hands and perform the task when it is most convenient.

  • No special tools needed
  • Installation kit includes materials, as well as a 3m glass cup and Bosch laser measure
  • Speedy installation time of approximately 10 minutes
  • Can be installed during off-hours
  • Thermolite team available to answer any questions and provide advice