RetroWAL Interior Curtainwall Retrofit System

Historic Preservation

Inefficient single pane glass was a major design component of buildings constructed before 1980, which still generally have  single glazing on around 80 to 90% of the building. Single pane glass causes temperature control issues by trapping heat and resulting in  high HVAC usage and utility costs.

Curtain wall storefront buildings post-modern architectural era from the 1950s through the 1980s are increasingly becoming eligible for categorization as historic landmarks. This designation requires preserving the historical integrity of appearance of the building, including its original materials and fixtures, which can make updating the energy performance of these buildings challenging.

RetroWAL™  is an ideal solution for historic buildings with curtain wall storefronts:

  • Interior placement improves thermal performance of existing glass, saving 20% on average in energy costs
  • Requires no structural reinforcement or alteration of original design materials
  • Less expensive than traditional replacement windows
  • Laminated glass improves sound control by over 50%
  • May be eligible for historical building tax credits
  • Do It Yourself (DIY) installation can be performed by in-house maintenance team during hours that are least disruptive to visitors