RetroWAL Interior Curtainwall Retrofit System

How Security Windows Can Help Save Lives

In the case of the Las Vegas shooting, one measure that would have made it more difficult for the shooter is a laminated security window system. Although not 100% bullet-proof, laminated windows don’t shatter. If fired at with a gun – even at close range – the glass breaks but remains
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Energy Efficiency as a Natural Resource: A New Approach to Green Technology

“Energy efficiency offers a vast, low-cost energy resource for the US economy – but only if the nation can craft a comprehensive and innovative approach to unlock it…If executed at scale, a holistic approach would yield gross energy savings worth more than $1.2 trillion, well above th
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VIDEO: RetroWAL™ Interior Curtain Wall Retrofit Product Series

Thermolite’s RetroWAL™ interior curtain wall retrofit window system utilizes a window attachment lite that adheres to the interior of an existing window – with no structural reinforcement required. Three product series are available for RetroWAL™: Silver, Gold, and Platinum, and they
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