RetroWAL Interior Curtainwall Retrofit System
RetroWAL for High Rises


In many cases of buildings from the Mid-Modern Era, 1958-1973, insulated glass and thermally broken curtain wall is too heavy to be hung on the existing structure so the “modern” glazing option is not possible. RetroWAL™ places another glass lite behind the existing one, making single
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RetroWAL for Offices


Office building owners typically never consider a window replacement a very good investment simply because of the high cost to replace – especially in large cities.  Not only are modern, insulated glass windows expensive but the labor to install these is very costly and the process wi
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RetroWAL for Hotels


Behind labor, utilities represent the largest variable cost to the hotel operator. The cost of replacing older, inefficient windows can be out of the budget and can change the architectural integrity of the building. Reduction of noise from street traffic, sirens and wind is best in c
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RetroWAL for Apartment Conversions

Apartment Conversions

Today, many downtown areas are being rejuvenated with new restaurants and cool urban atmosphere but the problem is limited condominiums and apartments.  Older office buildings that have been downsized are being redeveloped into homes but the window situation is dire.  Rather than have
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