RetroWAL Interior Curtainwall Retrofit System


The RetroWAL™ Express program is an option for projects that require a quick turnaround and self-installation. This works for glazers, general contractors, and even building owners and tenants. The process of ordering to receiving materials and installing can be completed within two to three weeks. The amount of turnaround time is significantly reduced because our RetroWAL™ product is the world’s first Do It Yourself (DIY) commercial curtain wall system. Installation can be performed either in-house or through the use of a local contractor and our installation kit provides you with the basic tools you need.

RetroWAL Express

The process is simple:

  • Measure existing windows – view measuring instructions
  • Order materials – complete order form and submit via email: or fax: (574) 234-4005
  • Install in 10 minutes – all that is required is a 3m glass cup and Bosch laser ruler (included)


Available in curtain wall, storefront, and window wall

Additional Options: 

  • Between Glass Blinds
  • Thermally Improved Composite Cap

RetroWAL™ Express is ideal for general contractors, glass and glazing contractors, and tenants who wish to improve energy performance, sound control, security, and more to existing windows in a quick and affordable manner. Learn more about the benefits of RetroWAL™contact us today!

*For pricing, please contact: or call (574) 234-4004.