RetroWAL Interior Curtainwall Retrofit System

A Low-Cost, Non-Disruptive Alternative to Curtain Wall Replacement

JP Morgan Chase recently announced the demolition of their NYC HQ located at 270 Park Ave. While there were numerous economic factors to their decision, one of the issues that came to light was the unsatisfactory general condition of the building. During the 1960s, there was a buildin
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AEC Daily | Performance Attributes of Secondary Windows

Earn Continuing Education Credits with this Free Course on Secondary Window Systems

Architects, engineers and other construction professionals can earn continuing education credits by completing Thermolite’s free online course: Performance Attributes of Secondary Window Systems. Provided in partnership with AEC Daily – the largest source of free online continui
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Energy Modeling for Retrofit Windows

How Energy Modeling Calculates the Cost Savings of Retrofit Windows

Upgrading the energy efficiency of a building can be a major investment. Before making any decisions, it’s important to thoroughly research your options. Sometimes the more affordable ones can yield a greater ROI. That’s why it’s prudent to consider the expected retu
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How Engineers, Architects and Building Owners Can Help Fight Wireless Identity Theft

On October 4th, the controversial media organization Wikileaks celebrated its 10th anniversary by announcing it would release millions of classified documents over the next ten weeks, many of which are expected to be related to the U.S. presidential election on November 8th. Founded i
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Measuring your existing windows:

Measuring your existing windows: Precise, accurate measurements make all the difference when installing a window system and ensure a good fit and easy installation. Construction methods and building movement can change the size of a window opening from bottom to top and side to side.
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Curtain Wall in Two Weeks: RetroWAL Express

Curtain wall no longer has to be a long, drawn-out project – Thermolite has now made it possible to complete a commercial curtain wall system installation in approximately two weeks. We developed the RetroWAL™ Express program as a solution for curtain wall projects that require a quic
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Empire State Building: How Window Retrofits Save Millions and What More Can Be Done

The Empire State Building has over 6,500 windows – and with windows being one of the main causes of poor building energy performance, the historic landmark NYC building had a lot of room for improvement. In 2009, the Empire State Building began work on a retrofit project that would mo
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VIDEO: RetroWAL™ Interior Curtain Wall Retrofit Product Series

Thermolite’s RetroWAL™ interior curtain wall retrofit window system utilizes a window attachment lite that adheres to the interior of an existing window – with no structural reinforcement required. Three product series are available for RetroWAL™: Silver, Gold, and Platinum, and they
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Save Money on Curtain Wall Replacement

Curtain wall replacement is a large undertaking after you’ve discovered that your building’s curtain wall is costing you hundreds in utility bills. Unfortunately, it is not a simple repair in the slightest, as they often require a great deal of disassembly which is both costly and tim
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