RetroWAL Interior Curtainwall Retrofit System

How Interior Window Retrofits Reduce Condensation

Condensation occurs when the temperature of the air drops to the point where humidity becomes liquid, known as the dew point. Condensation forms on windows when the surface of the glass becomes cold, forcing the humidity to convert to liquid water. The actual temperature of the dew po
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Condensation Reduction in Hospitals

Hospitals have a problematic combination of varying internal temperature, air pressure, and humidity level requirements that can result in the accumulation of condensation. Condensation is a reaction that occurs when water vapor converts into liquid on surfaces due to a difference in
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Condensation Resistance Window Ratings – AAMA Versus CRF

Condensation is moisture that forms on surfaces, particularly windows, when the surface is cooler than the dew point, or the temperature in which water vapor in the air converts into liquid. The amount of condensation that collects on windows can vary significantly depending on the ty
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