RetroWAL Interior Curtainwall Retrofit System


Inefficient windows can result in high utility bills for tenants, not to mention excessive noise levels from other nearby tenants or outdoor traffic noise. RetroWAL™ allows tenants to take window performance issues into their own hands. While replacement windows are expensive and unlikely to be easily agreed upon by building owners, an interior window retrofit system like RetroWAL™ doesn’t alter the original window fixtures or require extensive installation or building permits.

  • Saves on energy costs, reducing utility bills and lowering HVAC usage
  • Reduces noise levels to an STC rating of 47 and an OITC rating of 40
  • Less costly than replacement windows
  • Do It Yourself (DIY) installation can be performed quickly by anyone in office or on maintenance staff


How tenants can utilize the benefits of interior window systems:

  • Landlord Collaboration – Tenants who are near the end of their lease can leverage the renewal to negotiate the landlord to cover the costs of the interior window system. The low upfront expense may be a worthwhile investment for landlords to guarantee tenant occupancy in commercial spaces, while tenants can enjoy the monthly savings of lower utility bills.
  • Full Coverage by Tenant – Tenants in the midst of a lease or in a desired area can still benefit from interior windows, even if they cover the entire cost. Not only will the sound control improve the comfort and stress levels while making it easier to conduct business or personal conversations, the energy efficiency measures will maintain temperature and reduce HVAC usage and associated monthly costs. Interior window systems may also make tenants eligible for tenant improvement tax credits.