RetroWAL Interior Curtainwall Retrofit System
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  • RetroWAL Curtainfit System
  • RetroWAL Curtainfit System

RetroWAL™: the World's First Do-It-Yourself Commercial Window Retrofit System

Made in the USA, RetroWAL™ is the single most affordable and effective solution for improving energy performance in curtain wall, storefront and window wall buildings. Unlike traditional re¬placement windows, RetroWAL™ installs quickly and easily on the interior of a building’s existing windows, creating an insulating dead air space. The existing glass stays in place, eliminating the need for costly scaffolding or intrusive downtime. Available in both Silver and Gold Series, RetroWAL™ reduces a building’s energy consumption by an average of 20%. The Silver Series uses monolithic low-e glass to convert single pane windows to double pane, while the Gold Series upgrades a single pane window to triple pane with low-e, argon-filled glass. Both the Silver and Gold Series improve building insulation, reduce solar heat gain and air infiltration, and provide effective sound control. buildings.



RetroWAL™ not only reduces total building energy consumption by typically over 20% but also reduces the HVAC replacement cost by the same amount or more. >Read more
Efficiency Retrowal


One of the greatest contributors to energy consumption in curtainwall buildings with large window to wall ratios is the poor insulation. RetroWAL™ can increase the R value up to 10 times.>Read more


The worlds first Do It Yourself commercial curtainwall retrofit system reduces expensive glazing contractors and exterior swing stages. >Read more
Comfort RetroWAL


We eliminate the need for sweaters and space heaters without system upgrades. Our laminated sound control system SoundWAL™ is second to none in street and airplane noise reduction. >Read more

About RetroWAL™

Curtainwall, storefront and window wall systems have been utilized since the 1950s.

They consist of non structural tubular aluminum and have non protective glazings. Most all systems built before 1975 have non insulating frames and single pane glass, making buildings perform at less than an R=1 for the exterior. Try building a home today with this insulation value and it wouldn’t be allowed, yet more than 53% of all commercial building windows today perform at this low level.

New energy and security requirements necessitate the need for upgrades to these structures, but it has been too expensive to change the glass exteriors of many of these buildings - until now.

RetroWAL™ utilizes a “Window Attachment Lite” or WAL®, which is attached to the existing window frame from the interior, thereby creating an insulating airgap and replicating the performance of a new curtainwall. It will triple the energy performance of the window insulation, reduce air infiltration and limit solar heat gain- all for a fraction of the cost of a replacement curtainwall.


RetroWAL for High Rises


In many cases of buildings from the Mid-Modern Era, 1958-1973, insulated glass and thermally broken curtain wall is too heavy to be hung on the existing structure so the “modern” glazing option is not possible. RetroWAL™ places another glass lite behind the existing one, making single glazed windows double and insulated glass windows triple glazed without adding significant weight to the structure.  We completely eliminate the high cost, long installation times and will make your older building envelope a very high performer.
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RetroWAL for Offices


Office building owners typically never consider a window replacement a very good investment simply because of the high cost to replace – especially in large cities.  Not only are modern, insulated glass windows expensive but the labor to install these is very costly and the process will remove your valuable tenants from their comfortable space for weeks if not months.
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RetroWAL for Hotels


Behind labor, utilities represent the largest variable cost to the hotel operator. The cost of replacing older, inefficient windows can be out of the budget and can change the architectural integrity of the building. Reduction of noise from street traffic, sirens and wind is best in class and will be the best side effect of this system to your guests. RetroWAL™ is the solution and will also eliminate street noise and protect against wind damage with an upgrade to our StormWAL and SoundWAL product lines at minimal cost.
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RetroWAL for Apartment Conversions

Apartment Conversions

Today, many downtown areas are being rejuvenated with new restaurants and cool urban atmosphere but the problem is limited condominiums and apartments.  Older office buildings that have been downsized are being redeveloped into homes but the window situation is dire.  Rather than have your new home buyer pay $1,000 of dollars per month in heating and cooling bills, while hearing all of the sirens and traffic from the outside, why not consider RetroWAL™ as the best solution for your energy and comfort needs.
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RetroWAL for Architects


We are specified in situations where historic tax credits are important and in situations where budget, weight, tenant movement and security are issues. We are well known by leading architects in New York, Chicago, and Washington, DC and will provide these professionals with test data, drawings and submittals on a daily basis.
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RetroWAL for Owners


Once building owners find out about the RetroWAL™ option, see the pricing and see the product in their building- they buy it. We understand that this product is difficult to conceptualize so we begin our discussion with owners on price, Return on Investment and then provide mock-ups at a reasonable price. Thermal imaging can then show the difference pre and post installation when placed adjacent to an
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RetroWAL for Contractors


In many cases where new security curtainwall is specified, RetroWAL™ solves the problem faster and typically 50% under budget.  General contractors use the product when budgets become an issue and where Value Engineering options are considered.
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RetroWAL for ESCOs


We work with many of the largest Energy Service Contractors in the world by helping them modernizing both federal and private building envelopes. It is not unusual to have 5,000 or more windows on a single and be part of a project to save over 50% of the total building energy usage. Upgrading the building envelope is key to maximizing building performance and minimizing capital investment … period. Cli
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